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if somebody in the USA has cancer/other life threatening illness, do they have to pay for treatment?

  1 year ago    30 notes    if they do  thats fucked up  

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  6. ezrecognise said: In the US you pay. In Australia you do not pay it’s the same as the NHS in UK. However many people also choose to use private health for a classier stay haha
  7. aortae said: I’m pretty sure it’s like that in Australia too unless ur insured. idk I just know my mums cancer treatment goes over like what her insurance covers so we pay the rest or something it’s real weird n shitty
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    that’s actually heartbreaking, “first world country” my ass
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    yes, unless you have insurance. i’m not american but from what i understand all treatment must be paid for and you can...
  11. rightbrain-gypsy said: yes they do. america sucks balls